ASAI Annual Meeting

January 12, 2021

On November 6, 2018 ASAI held its first Annual Meeting.  It was a day of extraordinary information sharing and professional camaraderie.  The ASAI Founding Members, Affiliate Members, Advisory Board, and Board of Directors were all together for a full day of professional discussion.  Many were able to attend the meeting in person in New Jersey, but several of our valuable team members joined us via teleconference.  All Founding Members presented their annual data, demonstrating the fidelity of the model and outcomes across sites from the United States, Poland, and Turkey.  All meeting attendees participated in discussions about the systems, the model, the outcome data, and the mission of ASAI.  It was a wonderful day of learning and allowed ASAI to move forward in meeting its mission and goals.  We thank those in the ASAI community for their commitment to our organization.

Despite a pandemic, the ASAI Annual Meeting was held on January 12, 2021.  Although we were not able to be in person, our virtual meeting was as productive as any of our prior meetings.  All member programs were present, including our two newest members, the Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI) and the Binyamin Birkan Academy (BBA).  The meeting began with a tribute to the incredibly important contributions of Dr. Patricia Krantz to the science of Behavior Analysis and a celebration of her role as a mentor to all of the ASAI Member Programs, as we recognized the impact her absence has had on all of us over the past year.  As is always the case, all programs shared the annual data that were collected.  And, despite, school building closures in March 2020, all of the members produced outcome data that demonstrated effective science-based intervention continued even under virtual and hybrid learning conditions.  It was a day of information sharing, meaningful discussions, and continued colleagueship amongst professionals dedicated to advancing science-based intervention for individuals with autism.