Membership in ASAI is open to autism intervention programs serving children, adolescents, and adults with autism that have met the standards established by ASAI.  All programs must operate based on the science of behavior analysis, provide intervention, conduct staff training, collect data on intervention processes and outcomes, engage in research activities, and operate from the policy governance model (cf. Carver & Carver, 1996).  All members are required to summarize and present data to other members and to the Board of Directors at ASAI's Annual Meeting.

Membership Process

ASAI has three categories of membership.  These include Founding Members, Full Members, and Affiliate Members.  Founding Members were established when ASAI was founded and are those agencies who have worked together over the last 20 years to implement the model based on the work of McClannahan and Krantz (1993).  Founding Members have full voting rights and participate in the process of voting on the addition of new Full Members to ASAI.  Full Members are those programs that have demonstrated criterion performance, and continue to maintain criterion performance, on all of the standards of excellence established by ASAI.  Full Members are voting members of ASAI.  Affiliate Members are those programs that are interested in implementing the model and, as such, have no voting rights.  Affiliate Members are required to participate in the mentorship process and must meet the standards of excellence established by ASAI before submitting an application to advance to Full Member status.  All members must submit annual data on intervention processes and outcomes, attend the annual meeting, contribute to the ongoing dissemination efforts of ASAI, and pay annual dues.  For further details on joining ASAI, please complete the membership application below and/ or contact Dawn B. Townsend, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director for more information at